Bubba Nubba

The tail-less bob

sits atop the rump

that wigs and wags

with a furry brown lump.


In greeting, in play,

in happiness too,

His nub, like a see-saw,

jumps up and down for you.


Not side-to-side,

like those hairy brown tails

that go back and forth

like windy boat sails.


With a plume on the end,

it looks like he’s writing

a furious story

so thrilling and exciting.


It flips up and down,

it tucks itself under

when things have occurred

due to Bubba’s blunder.


Or when he is timid,

like drawing back his ears–

his nub, in reaction

sometimes quells his fears.


Sometimes it helps him

when catching a disc

Makes him aerodynamic–

No long tail to risk!


But mostly it flutters

when you give him a hug.

Bubba, I love you,

you silly big lug!





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