Mixed Nuts

McNutts’ mut nabbed Nick Mutt’s mixed nuts in Mutt’s hut.

Nick Mutt nicked McNutt’s mut’s nuts.

Said Nick Mutt, “McNutt sucks. His mixed-up mut made off with my nuts.”

Said McNutt, “Nick Mutt sucks. He nicked my mut’s nuts with his nit-pickin nutnicker. Now my mut has mixed nuts.”

Nick Mutt nodded, “McNutt’s mut’s nuts are mixed up.”

McNutt gutted Nick Mutt’s hut.

Question: Did Nick Mutt’s insurance cover McNutt’s gut of Mutt’s hut; and was McNutt’s mut’s nutnickin by Nick Mutt nixed by the ASPCA?





2 responses to “Mixed Nuts

  1. Whaaaaaaa? Can you read it to me, but really, really slow?

    • Hahahah…I laughed out loud at this one. Oh, and not “WPIMP”…do you get the chat-speak on that, or do I have to spell it out for you?

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