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As I fall fitfully into nirvana,

the lead of my extremities becomes weightless.

I drift and hover

Above my covers,

Not a single nerve pinched,

Not a single muscle twitched.

Euphoria as my goal is me.

The sting, the jab, the prick

On the soft flesh of my arm

Intending no real harm

Causes my brows to knit,

My teeth to grit,

My lungs to spasm.

And then, the calm ensues,

The lovely warmth and total relaxation,

The humming drumming of

Inner peace and gratification,

A soul at rest.

But if I stir, do I dare,

Do I care,

That the stings will come again?

The needles so gentle,

So firm and loving,

So sharp and stinging,

Almost to make me weep.

Kitty, why don’t you let me sleep?