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Thankful for Children of Sanchez

Monster chills while listening to Chuck Mangione’s “Children of Sanchez“, as it occurred to me that we are all the children of Sanchez…as we are all the children of God, of the universe, of the great Creator, of timeless eternity and life itself.

Man cannot live by bread alone, so the adage goes…food that feeds only the physical form leaves one always hungry; whereas, food that feeds the hearts, minds, and souls fulfills like the endless loaf of bread and the endless net of fishes.

On this post-Thanksgiving Sunday, I am so very grateful to have fed stomachs with the food prepared from my heart, my mind, and my soul…also, my hands, my back, my feet…hopefully this was soul food realized in its true, intended form. Love manifest as food; positive, healthy, healing energy submitted as sustenance; delicious indulgence purveyed in pots and pans and in pumpkin pies.

Indeed, Chuck’s music lifts my spirits and fulfills my hungry soul; and I am thankful for this blessed music and this blessed musician and human being.