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I’m Off Meat


After a lifetime spent consuming numerous hamburgers and steaks, chicken and pork dishes, sausages, and lots of fish, I am off meat.  Because it’s bad for you?  No.  Because it feeds an unsustainable chain of carbon-footprint pollution?  No.  Because I looked into the eyes of our dogs and cats and said, “How can I eat anything even remotely resembling you?”  No.

Because I watched a film, “Vegucated“, and I rocked in sobbing horror over what I’ve been doing all of my life, the animal-terrorism cells I’ve been feeding all of my life.  I can say in earnest at this moment that I will never desire the flesh of a formerly living creature again.

If you like/love animals (especially to eat), then I challenge you–LITERALLY challenge you–to watch the film and not be profoundly moved.

There are so many groups out there pushing for humane treatment of animals–not just in farming and butchering practices, but also in keeping pets and animals raised for dairy and meat consumption.  The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Wayne Pacelle, in particular, are bulldog advocates for fair treatment of animals.  I’ve been following several of these types of animal-rights organizations for awhile.  You may have seen my posts on Facebook and Twitter, sharing for the intent of caring for animals.

However, I am so grateful to report that I have been so profoundly touched in my stomach’s heart that I am completely off meat of all kinds (including fish), and that even dairy and other “live-animal” by-products are off my palate.  We just don’t need them to live.  Unless we live in Alaska or other places where the ONLY things to eat are living creatures.  Keep in mind, tho–in areas like these, we may be one or more living creatures’ only sustenance.

I also just read a great article from The Onion that’s a quick read and encompasses just a small fraction of what I’ve gleaned and what has motivated me.

Netflix has “Vegucated”, and you can buy/watch it instantly on Amazon for $0.99 or purchase the DVD for about $13-$20.  Please, please, PLEASE watch it…and let me know your experience.