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See me—

            I am your mother,

            Celebrating your life,

            Mourning your adulthood.

See me—

            I am your vessel.

            Fill me with joy when you are happy,

            And pain when you are sad.

See me—

            I am your benefactor,

            Giving you my all,

            Wanting nothing but love in return.

See me—

            I am your maker,

            Still trying to mold you,

            Still trying to change you.

Hear me—

            I am your advocate,

            Defending you and

            Protecting you.

Feel me—

            I am your lifeline.

            My blood runs through you,

            Forever are we tethered together.

Know me—

            I live in your spirit,

            And you live in mine.


            You are eighteen,

            And there is much yet to hear,

            And to know,

            And to feel,

            And to see.