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Thing Called Life

I love this thing called life.

I love people, I love animals, I love nature and weather and the things that delight the known senses.  I love interacting, because in interacting, we exchange spirit. 

But mostly I am an observer.  My world orbits outside yours, not quite to the side, almost underneath.  It is a dimension not yet labeled.  It is here, and it is not.  You cannot conceive of this dimension—you think you know too much.

I am not invisible, and yet I am not visible on the earthly physical plane of existence which you are accustomed to viewing and experiencing.

There is another sense, another existence, and another communication that is neither physical nor telepathic.  You do not know this existence yet, this other sense.  It has not been defined or labeled.  You have been given the opportunity to see and hear with six senses, and yet you use only five.  But there are other senses, too, which you do not know, about which you have not heard.  They can be felt in spirit, but only if you are in spirit.  Humanity will come to know and be well versed in the sixth sense soon.  But it will be a millennia before the seventh sense is known; and it will be aeons before the other senses are revealed, and known.  You are a child in spirit—there is so much you do not know, and so much that you think you know, that you do not.  You are, quite simply, ignorant.

But it is not important for you to try to understand at this point.  All will be revealed to you as you are ready.  You cannot rush, you cannot hasten…you must wait.  You must learn before you are ready.  And you are not learned yet. 

This thing called life…such as it is with humanity, on this earth, is a mere blip on the radar of existence.  It is veiled with the notions and all the latest understandings the human ego will allow.  It is limited by the understanding of your mind and your heart and your spirit, limited by what you allow yourself to ingest.  When you are ready, you will be free to see all—not with your optical eyes or even with your mind’s eye, for your mind’s eye will seem like child’s play once all is revealed to you.  You are a spiritual infant, and when you are ready, child, you will truly live.  There is no such thing as a limit in existence…existence is eternal, and you are eternal.  But you do not know this yet—your mind and your ego are preventing your real learning and knowledge. 

Even as you read this, you balk.  That is ego.  Let it go.  Just…be.  Do you know how to just ‘be’?

This thing called ‘life’…the parenthesis in the timeline of existence…is a pause in the eternal subway station.  Do not get hung up because someone didn’t offer you a seat—another ride is waiting for you.



Awakening to a different place

Similar, the same, but alterered.

Like a funky de ja vous,

walking fine while my feet have faltered.


Like New Mexico is to Arizona–

desert and hot, but different.

Santa Fe versus Carefree.

I am, and it’s me.


Snap back to reality–

the noise, the traffic,

the trivialities.

So important is my lane,

that I will honk and flip you off

if you try to overtake me.


And then, flip–

I’m in a realm

that’s different from Loop 101

but still in smoky exhaust.


I’m there, but I’m not,

on autopilot, freaky as it seems,

I can feel nothing beneath me.

No vibrating engine, no stop-and-go movement,

not even the steering wheel.


Floating, like a white, trite cloud.

Number 9 if you wish, but no labels for me–

Time stands still, and I am free.

Nothing at all matters except me and thee.

And who is thee but part of me?


There are no lanes, there are no stripes.

There are no boxes, no limits of any types.

There is no gas, there are no wrecks.

Nothing exists beyond my intents.


Am I awake or asleep at the wheel?

Is all my reality based on anything really real?

Nothing is but what we accept.

We can remember, and we most certainly forget.


What is important? Really, I implore you–

I don’t mean to bore you, and I don’t want to think for you.

I feel very alone but not lonely it’s weird.

Honestly, I am being quite sincere.


If traffic does not matter, then why don’t I fly–

just rise above the cars and float through the sky.

If this table is not solid,

then why does it stand?

How does it hold my computer and my arms,

how does this keyboard take the pounding from my fingers,

from my thoughts?

How does this chair support my ample butt,

how don’t I fall and just float around this kitchen?


If all is energy, how does it repel

The forceful kicks and the roads of hell,

the days that bleaken our sunniest skies,

the tears that irritate and swollen my eyes?


Doctor said My You Seem Rather Disturbed,

which really irked me and left me perturbed.

Supposed to help but all he did was criticize

or label me as insane in his eyes.


I’m outta here…I’ve gotta go

someplace where I can be myself and so

I’ll see ya later, I’ll send you a post.

If you write back, I’ll love you the most!