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Five thousand, eight hundred forty days

I have loved you, and taught you,

And worried about you, and cheered you.

And I bear some shame to admit

I have been angry and shocked

And sad and hurt

And resentful.

And embarrassingly, I confess

I have shed tears of joy and pride

As I have watched you grow.

But most recently, when you turned sixteen,

And I had no money, no gift to give you,

To celebrate this milestone of my child’s,

The grace with which you forgave me,

And reassured me, and gave me your love

Astonished me.

For at sixteen, although still my little girl,

You are a young woman,

Secure in herself

And generous of spirit.

So I will shame myself yet again

With the shedding of many tears

Upon my proud breast

For you, my sweet sixteen.




See me—

            I am your mother,

            Celebrating your life,

            Mourning your adulthood.

See me—

            I am your vessel.

            Fill me with joy when you are happy,

            And pain when you are sad.

See me—

            I am your benefactor,

            Giving you my all,

            Wanting nothing but love in return.

See me—

            I am your maker,

            Still trying to mold you,

            Still trying to change you.

Hear me—

            I am your advocate,

            Defending you and

            Protecting you.

Feel me—

            I am your lifeline.

            My blood runs through you,

            Forever are we tethered together.

Know me—

            I live in your spirit,

            And you live in mine.


            You are eighteen,

            And there is much yet to hear,

            And to know,

            And to feel,

            And to see.