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Poor Food

For the past, oh, ten years or so, I’ve tried my hand at coming up with recipes for basically whatever was in the cupboard, the fridge, and on the floor (just kidding, that last part).  My kids have affectionately bestowed the moniker of “poor food” upon my creations, as they sometimes occurred between paydays as a way to stretch a dollar or three.  The term, “soul food” also references this type of cooking–although the latter, I think, probably feeds the soul a lot better than do my creations.

My poor-food dishes have included something that ended up to be a sort of “meat cake”, which looked like and had the consistence of a very smooth meat–probably like a thicker, chewier, heavier pate.  However, it contained no meat whatsoever and was intended by me to be a cake without frosting (and without baking powder or soda, the lack of which gave no rise to the occasion).   Some of my creations have turned out well, even delicious, I’d argue.  I’ve made casseroles from leftovers that were incredibly tasty and soul-feeding.

My latest creation…well, perhaps you could try the recipe and let me know what you think…was quite interesting.  I wanted something fairly lo-carb, filling, and with a hint of sweet.  This was going to take some imagination, as I also did not want to drag out baking dishes and supplies–something quick would be on my poor-food menu today.  As I stood in front of the open fridge, these items seemed to jump out into my vision…”Take me, take me!”, they seemed to be saying.  And so, just as I’ve adopted stray animals, I also believe in adopting food that needs a home, food that calls to be taken home to my warm and inviting tummy.  So I did.  I introduced the ingredients lovingly to each other in my soup bowl.  I think they turned out good…but my son, who is 23 as of this writing and not fearful of much, was horribly skittish of getting his tongue bitten by these stray ingredients that were thrown together.  So I ate the whole dish myself.  At first, it was, I guess I would say, it was alien to anything I’d ever eaten (or made) before.  Then it began to remind me of something.  With each subsequent bite, as I rolled it around in my mouth, I began to learn the flavor of the related item.  Now, it was not an exact replica by any means, neither in taste nor in texture…but it was a related flavor, the way burgers taste like steak and bacon tastes like ham.  (Okay, this is making me think of a savory poor-food concoction now.)

Anyway, here are the ingredients.  I did not measure them, I just threw them all into a soup bowl in somewhat-equal parts:


Cottage cheese (small curd)

Peanut butter


Whipped cream (Reddiwhip)


What do you think of my latest concoction?  Have you ever made “poor food” that turned out great (or nightmarish)?