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My Dog, Jake

Heavy is my heart when I think of him–

my protector, my friend, my companion, my confidant.

So strong and steady, so graceful and swift.

He was my knighted hero after such a scary plight.

My house was his house, and his life was mine.

I had only to love him and care for him  and enjoy him.

Sometimes playful he was, even when I was not.

But I had only to nod, ever so slightly,

and he would come to me with his full, happy heart.

In my fear and in my sadness, he was brave and unafraid.

So fierce was his concern for me, he would have laid down his life.

And so he did, ironically, not so obviously at first.

It took months, and through his pain,

I comforted him, as he had done me.

And in a circular reference of life,

my protector became my protected.

And I lay aside my heart,

and I bravely eneded his pain,

with a strong, steady hand,

so graceful and swift,

after such a scary plight.

                                     -Naoma Hess