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The Chronicles of JD and Bubba

JD: A Malti-Poo, now 2 years old; very affectionate, very hyper, very stubborn

Bubba: An Australian Shepherd, now 1 year old; very affectionate, very clownish and goofy

The Humans Leave…

JD flies up on the couch onto his perch at the window and starts his panicked whining.

Bubba jumps up onto the couch and begins gnawing on JD’s ear.

JD tries to ignore him as he watches the cars going by, wondering when the Humans will return.

A boy rolls by on a skateboard. JD springs into action–“YAP! YAP! YAP! What are you doing by my house? YAP! YAP! YAP!”

Bubba alerts at JD’s barking. “BARK! BARK! Oh–that loud noise came from me. I like it! BARK! BARK! BARK!”

The boy turns the corner, and all outside is at peace again.

JD relaxes on his haunches, whining softly. “When are they coming home? When are they coming home?”

“What’s going on?” Bubba wonders briefly at JD’s upset. He bites at the cushion of the sofa. “What is this–ultra suede?” Nosh, nosh, nosh.

JD jumps down and trots to the back door and looks out. “Where did they go? When are they coming home?”

Bubba follows JD and nips at his back legs. “Grrr…let’s wrassle!”

JD wrangles loose from Bubba’s grasp and trots into one of the bedrooms. “Yay–the door is open! Wonder if someone’s in here.” Sniff, sniff, sniff. “Nope. I’ll lie down on the bed so I can smell her.” JD jumps up onto the bed, rolls around, and lies down, curling up in the warmth and familiar scents.

Bubba jumps up onto the bed and imitates JD. “Cool–another place to roll around! Grrr…grrr…” Bubba coaxes JD to play, but JD moves to be by himself on the big bed. Bubba plops down and heaves a big sigh, watching JD closely.

“Oh, where are they? When are they coming home?” JD jumps down from the bed, sniffs a spot on the floor, and drops a deuce on the carpet.

Bubba jumps down. “What are you doing? Can I see?” Bubba takes a big whiff, snorts, and then backs up and trots out of the bedroom. “I know a better place to do that!”

Bubba trots happily into the kitchen, sniffs the floor by the back door, and drops his own anal creation. “Ahhh…that felt great! Sniff that!” JD sniffs from a distance, then runs and hides under the chair in the living room.