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Here I sit on the edge of the bed,

Unable to move, paralyzed by dread.

The sickening feeling punched me in the gut–

The awareness of something, I know not what.

Awakened by a whisper very close to my ear,

Shot my blood running cold with wonder and fear.

The feel of a spider’s web gliding across my face,

A light touch on my arm like a piece of old lace.

Shooting straight up in bed, the dark was so black,

The silence, deafening–now my senses are back.

My hands feel the blanket, my feet feel the floor,

Whatever that was, it is no more.

That’s what my brain says, but my heart is still pounding.

What is that static that is still sounding?

I try to laugh, to cut through the silence,

But still in the grip of fear and violence,

I sit unmoving, without making a sound.

I begin to try to look around.

Afraid to turn or move my head,

I shift my eyes around my bed,

Then around the room, hoping for nothing.

My eyes spot a shadow–is that really something?

Is it moving, or are my eyes playing tricks?

Gripped with fear once again, adding this to the mix

Of whisper and touch and now sight of unknown–

Paralyzed again, I let out a groan.

Or was that me?  I cannot be sure–

I could not make a sound before.

Out of the corner of my eye,

The shadow moved, and I heard a sigh.

Then in a moment, everything changed.

No more shadow or static or feeling deranged.

I could hear my own breathing, could turn my head,

Gone were the feelings of fear and dread.

A car drove by, the lights shown around the room,

The final closing on my feelings of doom.

Was it my imagination, or was it merely a dream?

Was this experience as real as it would seem?

I fall back into bed into dreamless sleep,

Not exactly shallow, but not very deep.

I wake up to the shining sun,

And at least for now, my fears are done.