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Weekday Wishes

Today is my least favorite day–

Monday, not my fun day, in any sort of way.

Tuesday is usually not quite so bad,

Not the worst day of the week I ever had.

Wednesday is found right in the middle.

I only mind it just a little.

Thursday my week starts getting better,

Like going to the mailbox and finding a good letter.

Friday is mostly my favorite,

The end of the week, I savor it.

But Saturday is mostly really good, too.

Time for all sorts of fun things to do.

Sunday brings big, home-cooked meals,

I like the laid-back way it feels.

But what I don’t like are Sunday nights,

When my brain and my tummy get into fights

About the coming grim Monday morning,

That always feels like it comes without warning,

Wiping away my weekend when I play in the sun,

And bringing school and taking away my fun.

I don’t know why we can’t pick our favorite days

And make the others disappear in a haze.

Because everyone would be happier if

We could pick our best days and not be so stiff.

Imagine a week of seven happy Fridays–

I would welcome them all, like seven pumpkin-pie days.

A day of the week would be my big wish,

I would even trade in my pet goldfish.

Well, maybe not…if I had Fridays all week

I wouldn’t have to clean the fish tank, cause that’s earlier in the week.

Maybe someone with seven Tuesdays would clean my fish tank,

And the person with seven Sundays would not pull a prank

On my favorite teacher, who gets really weary

Of Johnny’s little tricks–I bet she would be cheery.

I wonder what her favorite day would be…

I hope it’s not Saturday, or she’ll never see me!